About Us

Our company is founded by Eurasian attorneys – former experts of the department of examination of inventions and utility models of the national patent office of Kazakhstan, and has experience in examination of inventions, utility models and trademarks for more than 10 years.

Patent office SANA Enterprise LLP is a resident of the Nazarbayev University Technology Park and can provide comprehensive service for you: from patenting the idea to developing a prototype.

The company founder


Eurasian Patent Attorney No. 408, Patent Attorney of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 160.

Work experience as an expert in the Office for the Examination of Inventions, Utility Models and Breeding Achievements of the National Patent Office “National Institute of Intellectual Property” – 7 years.

Work experience in the Commercialization Office of Nazarbayev University – 2 years.

Educational degree, qualification

Chemical technology of inorganic substances and materials; qualification – –Technical engineer (specialist)

Diploma number: 0043905.

Member of the editorial board of the scientific and practical journal “Intellectual Property of Kazakhstan”.

Author of the article “Method as an object of invention” of the journal “Intellectual Property of Kazakhstan”, issue 2/2012.

International internships:

  1. Eurasian Patent Organization, Moscow:
    • 05.20.2013 – 06.03.2013;
    • 05.23.2016 – 06.03.2016;
    • 09.16.2019 – 09.24.2019.
  2. Skolkovo Patent School, Moscow, 2015