A design inventions is an artistic and design solution for a product that determines its appearance. In some countries, the term “design” is used to refer to an industrial design. An industrial design may consist of three-dimensional elements, such as the shape or surface of an article (car, furniture, flack), or two-dimensional elements, such as a shape, pattern, or color (postcards, labels).

How we work

We prepare and sign the “Agreement on the provision of services and non-disclosure of your confidential information.”

You provide us with materials (a description of your technical solution, drawings if necessary, a power of attorney).

We complete application, arrange, coordinate, submit and accompany your application until the end of examination proceedings.


Eventually the protected document will be send to you by us.


Application deadline

3-5 business days.

Application lead time by the National patent office

governed by law, approximately 12 months.

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