Patenting begins with a patent information retrieval, identification, study and analysis of known similar technical solutions or methods for Kazakhstani and foreign patent bases, identification of trends, justification of the forecast of their development, as well as the study of areas of research and production activities of organizations and firms that operate or may operate in the market of the products under study. As a result, you will be able to determine what was invented and patented in your field, to identify general directions for the development of technical solutions. During a patent search, you can check the technical solution for novelty and inventive level, obtain comprehensive information to determine the possibility of patenting your technical solution, and identify the type of object for patenting.

How do we work

We prepare and sign the “Agreement on the provision of services and non-disclosure of your confidential information.”

You provide us with materials (a description of your technical solution, drawings if necessary, a power of attorney)

We are sending you the results.


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10-20 working days

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