A logo, brand, corporate identity and mark are different names for an intellectual property which is legally referred to as a trademark. The firm is not the rightful owner of its own trademark until the sealing. Any person who has registered the same or a similar mark has the right to prohibit you from using it. The right to a trademark is protected by law and helps in the fight against unlawful competition.

How we work

We prepare and sign the “Agreement on the provision of services and non-disclosure of your confidential information.”

You provide us with materials (logo, classes of International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS), power of attorney).

We complete application, arrange, coordinate, submit and accompany your application until the end of examination proceedings.
Eventually the protected document will be send to you by us.

Application deadline

3-5 business days.

Application lead time by the National patent office

governed by law, approximately 7 months.

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