Trademarks A logo, brand, corporate identity and mark are different names for an intellectual property which is legally referred to as a trademark. The firm is not the rightful owner of its own trademark until the sealing. Any person who has registered the same or a similar mark has the right to prohibit you from […]

Inventions and utility models

Inventions and utility models The objects of the invention or utility models can be technical solutions in any field related to a product (in particular, a device, a substance, a strain of a microorganism, a plant or animal cell culture) or a method (the process of performing actions on a material object using material means). […]

Patent research

Patent research Patenting begins with a patent information retrieval, identification, study and analysis of known similar technical solutions or methods for Kazakhstani and foreign patent bases, identification of trends, justification of the forecast of their development, as well as the study of areas of research and production activities of organizations and firms that operate or […]

Industrial designs

Design Inventions A design inventions is an artistic and design solution for a product that determines its appearance. In some countries, the term “design” is used to refer to an industrial design. An industrial design may consist of three-dimensional elements, such as the shape or surface of an article (car, furniture, flack), or two-dimensional elements, […]


Copyright – from 500 USD Copyright is a legal term that refers to the rights granted by the author of literary and artistic works. Works covered by copyright include: literary works such as novels, poems, plays, reference books, newspapers and computer programs; databases, films, clips, radio-TV projects, musical and choreographic works; fine arts such as […]